Social Tango

De Oliveira is passionate about tango, the renowned Argentinian dance. He is an avid practitioner both in New York and wherever he travels around the world, always looking for the local “milongas” where tango dancers meet in the evenings.

In 2010, de Oliveira, together with Agustina Videla, a professional tango dancer, co-produced with the City of Buenos Aires a major tango project called “Social Tango” (

The project celebrates the tango community- the many people who dance tango around the world. The project combines dance, music, and images. Tango, in essence a social dance, enables people of different ages, cultures, and backgrounds to meet and “embrace.” They
express themselves through the dance and connect with both a partner and a community.

Look at the following to videos that explain the project and give you a feel for the performance:

Social Tango is scheduled to tour in North America in 2023.